Brushes & Rollers

Brazil’s number one producer of brooms and brushes has maintained a prominent position in the market since opening over 80 years ago. Constantly improving its products and performance, Condor S.A. proves that it can more than keep up with the multinationals.

Proof that proximity to the market is an  essential element of prolonged prosperity in business, Brazilian-born Condor S.A. was the first national manufacturer of toothbrushes and put a healthy smile on the face of an industry for which the country is known today. However, dental hygiene is not the only area that is defined by its high quality and innovative products. Now, Condor is the largest brush manufacturer in Latin America, one of the most important Brazilian industries and it is among the leaders in producing hairbrushes, brooms and paintbrushes as well as toothbrushes and oral care products.

In 2009, Condor commemorated its 80th anniversary with an intensive investment in product development and staff. Its largest advertising campaign ever (80 Years of Condor) boosted sales of the products which are structured into five clear lines: oral care; beauty; cleaning; artistic painting; and building painting.

Three years later, Condor is flying high on the wings of its new management. With over 300,000 retail points throughout Brazil and exports to over 30 countries, the company competes on an even field with international competitors such as Colgate, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

PPG delivers protective coating solutions for a wide range of civil and commercial infrastructure projects worldwide. Working with architects, consultants and contractors, our specialist teams design and deliver fit-for-purpose protective coatings solutions for:

  • Airports

  • Bridges

  • Rail

  • Recreational

  • Water/Wastewater facilities
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Fire Protection

Our advanced coatings and systems deliver proven corrosion protection, high-temperature protection, and fire protection to ensure the durability and aesthetic performance that will protect your valuable assets.

Meeting the challenges of the Mining industry – The environmental conditions found in surface mining, underground mining, dredging and in-situ mining are some of the most extreme and require fit-for-purpose products and services that can meet the challenge.

Our advanced coatings are designed to protect and extend the operational life of mining facilities and equipment. They are extremely durable, resistant to chemicals and designed to withstand long-term impact and abrasive damage. They are effective at reducing required service intervals, thereby preventing unplanned maintenance shutdowns while delivering improved productivity.

PPG’s expertise in the design and manufacture of specialist coatings for the mining industry has been built on decades of international investment in research and development. This status is reflected in the many long-term customers who continue to choose PPG as their preferred supplier.
Because mining conditions change depending on the prevailing geology, we also understand that regional familiarity with the specific issues faced by an individual mine is vital if customers are to be supported and serviced effectively.This fit-for-purpose approach to both product and service is one of PPG’s key strengths.
In-depth experience across the globe
Our understanding of the mining industry is illustrated by an extensive track record and case histories in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Long-term collaboration in countries with considerable mining operations, such as Canada, Russia, South Africa, Australia and Peru has given us valuable insight and awareness of local needs.
Over the years, we have invested in significant local resources to ensure that our customers’ projects, whatever the complexity, are fully supported.