Protective & Marine Coatings


Protective & marine coatings are used to guard the base construction materials from corrosion and moisture. These coatings, when regularly applied, offer a long-range protection that extends the life expectancy of a structure.
There are various types of equipment and buildings that require protective and/or finish coating, based on environmental requirements and materials involved.
They have the ability to protect effectively against oxidization for several years.

Protective coatings, including paints, are thin layers of solid material applied to a substrate, with the coating acting as a barrier to inhibit or prevent corrosion. Besides corrosion resistance, protective coatings can help a substrate withstand issues such as wear and exposure to water.

Marine coatings are a type of protective coating used mostly in the marine environment to protect ships, vessels, tankers, and other materials from saline water or fresh water. A marine coating has specific functional properties, therefore it can provide superior protection to the surfaces to which it is applied. This coating protects submerged materials as well as vessels, ships, or yachts from sea water. Marine coatings play a key role in protection from corrosion.