Buying or renting a new apartment? Is the waterproofing done?

Moving to a new environment can be an enjoyable proposition – a change of location and home is a rewarding experience and the entire process is filled with much excitement and anticipation.

Scouting around for a house or an apartment necessitates much effort to ensure that all requirements are met in terms of size, budget, location, access, proximity to schools, workplace, markets and healthcare. These are some of the considerations which must be taken into account to make sure you find a place which is convenient and right for you. However, another important parameter that you must consider is to see if the waterproofing of the new home has been done. Whether it is a new house or an apartment that you are buying or renting, waterproofing is an essential factor that cannot be ignored at all.

It is important that adequate waterproofing has been done to cover all aspects of it and the entire home is water resistant. Lack of good quality waterproofing or improper waterproofing can cause you much grief later on when the water seeps in and there is a build-up of moisture and dampness, which not only damages the interiors but can cause many health issues.

Since we use the term waterproofing so often, it helps to understand it better so that we can make informed choices that will benefit our home and family members.

What is waterproofing?

It is the process of stopping the ingress of water inside our home or any construction to make it resistant to water and to ensure that water seepage and inflow is minimized or eliminated under normally defined wet conditions. In any building, waterproofing is effected with advanced solutions that use membranes and coatings to protect interiors of constructions and the foundation. For all your waterproofing concerns, check out the options from Dr. Fixit.

Where do you need to waterproof?

There are six specific areas that you need to check upon to achieve a water free and healthy home.

Roof: One of the surfaces which are constantly exposed to severe weather conditions – direct sunlight, rain and climatic changes. It also tends to accumulate rain water which can start to seep inside the slab and can cause significant damage with time.

Solution: Dr. Fixit Roofseal and Dr. Fixit Roofseal Flex which are a waterproofing membrane that provides excellent waterproofing and are easy to use.

Structure: The cement which is used extensively in all constructions tends to expand and contract due to climatic conditions, resulting in cracks in the plaster and concrete. Waterproofing materials which modify this property of cement can prevent cracks, increase the strength of concrete and provide other benefits.

Solution: LW+ integral waterproofing solution which enhances and modifies the properties of cement while constructing the new building.

External Walls: The external walls face the direct impact of rain and other changes in weather. The objective should be to coat it with a waterproofing material, which serves a dual purpose and is not just decorative.

Solution: Use Dr. Fixit Raincoat for waterproofing and decorative purposes.

Bathroom: The bathrooms are exposed to water on a daily basis, and therefore must be waterproofed during the construction stage itself, since repairing leakages in a bathroom is a lengthy and expensive process.

Solution: Use Dr. Fixit Bathseal Range of products for 100% leak free bathroom waterproofing.

Foundation: Water rises from the soil to the building due to the capillary movement of water and can pass through the foundation and reach the walls. To prevent this, a damp-proof course is laid at the plinth level.

Solution: Use Dr. Fixit Solysealas a waterproofing barrier for foundations and plinth.

Water Tank: A waterproof coating for overhead water tanks is essential while ensuring it is safe to store drinking water.

Solution: Use Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2k, a two component waterproof coating for overhead water tanks.

When buying or renting a home, ensure that each of these areas is waterproofed with the best quality products, before making your decision.